I have started offering my knives for sale in 2010.
Since then, a long road and a lot of knifes were made.
You can come by my bushcraft knife in nature, where it serves people who
needs heavy-duty tool for everyday use.
You can see my military design knife in Israeli army, where it gained the reputation of indestructible tool.
You can find my kitchen and chef knifes during your food preparation, both in professional and home kitchen.

I design my knives to be both practical and visually attractive and put my emphasis on fit, finish and high-quality materials.
It doesn’t matter what type of knife you choose; the blade is always
handmade from the finest steel: carbon, stainless or Damascus.
The handle is made from premium stabilized or hard wood, if synthetic materials, such as micarta, G10, Carbon Fiber are used, they will be approved
food grade.

You will receive your knife razor-sharp and ready to deal with every task it
was created for.



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    North Israel

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