About Me


My name is Pesel (just Pesel) and I am a custom knife maker from Israel.

Thank you for visiting my site. Here you will find the latest from my shop, pictures of my current models, a look in my workplace, upcoming shows, and so on.
My interest in knives goes back to my childhood, when I was fascinated by every knife I saw. Years passed and I was able to turn that interest into a hobby. The costs associated with this new hobby began to grow and I decided to try and sell a few knives at a local knife show. To my surprise, I was actually well received and managed to sell a few pieces. That was quite some time ago, at present I am actively pursuing knifemaking as a part time business.
I enjoy making knives of all kinds and will offer them as my time and schedule permit.
All my knives are made by the stock removal process, without the aid of jigs, fixtures, or computer controlled machinery. I don’t contract out for pre-cut blades, handles, or sheaths. Every process, is done in my shop, by me. It may take a little longer to finish a knife this way, but it allows me to put my soul and years of experience into each knife I make.
What Makes It Different

I believe in using knives.

It does not matter if You paid a lot or a little  my knifes will never disappoint.
The knives are heat treated for optimum hardness and ready for use. Every knife is one of a kind…made by your request with my help. The craftsmanship is something you will pass down from generation to generation. All knives are certified as handmade by my signature via my card when purchased. Enjoy the quality of my knives indoors, outdoors or just as a show-piece.

To place an order or receive any information about my custom knives, feel free to contact me pesel@peselblades.com

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